Flag of Fiji
Capital: Suva
Population: 889,953
Area: 18,272 km2

Fiji is a paradise in the South Pacific and with a warm tropical climate represents a perfect holiday destination all year round. Fiji is a cosmopolitan cocktail of culture, race and religion. It contains more than 300 islands, which cover over 1.3 million square kilometers of oceans, in the heart of the South Pacific.

The main advantages of this group of islands are the unimaginable color of the ocean, soft white sand and an isolated atmosphere that guarantees days of absolute enjoyment and idyll. That is why Fiji is a perfect destination for couples traveling on a honeymoon or simply looking for a romantic escape from everyday life.

The largest island is Viti Levu, and it is recommended to stay in the resorts located on the Coral Coast. Other larger islands that are important for tourism are Vanua Levu, Taveuni and Kadavu.

Fiji is not just a beach and vacation, the islands are an ideal location for divers, bird watchers and hikers. Nature has been more than generous here, so be prepared for countless spectacular scenes that leave you speechless. Most of the islands in Fiji boast beaches with fine white sand and numerous peaceful lagoons. Among the most famous are the beaches of the Yasawa archipelago.

While most of the Pacific islands offer tourists a stay at beautiful beach resorts, Fiji has a slightly different approach. A large number of private islands, some of which are only a few hectares, have been turned into small luxury resorts. They are designed so that there are usually no more than 30 guests on the island at the same time and that is why they are especially popular among celebrities. Some of the more famous private islands are Royal Davui, Turtle Island, Vatulele Island Resort, Qamea Resort and Spa and Wakaya Club.

The inhabitants of the island are known for their hospitality, religiosity and great love for rugby. During your stay in Fiji, you will have the opportunity to learn more about traditional culture and customs, and may also receive an invitation to visit a local village and share drinks and meals with locals.

Fiji has a warm tropical climate, perfect for a seaside holiday. Maximum temperatures rarely exceed 31°C throughout the year. The rainy season lasts from December to April.

Visit these idyllic islands, surrounded by pristine white sandy beaches and enjoy the charm of the locals, who have been declared the friendliest people in the world.

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