Marshall Islands

Flag of Marshall Islands
Capital: Majuro
Population: 58,791
Area: 181 km2

Pictures of Marshall Islands

Bikini Atol
Bikini Atol
Bikini Atol
Jaluit Atoll Lagoon

The Republic of the Marshall Islands covers almost 2.5 million square kilometers of coral atolls, islands and the deep blue ocean and is a unique place to visit. The islands have a total population of more than 60,000 and the capital is Majuro. The culture of these islands reflects the influence and dominance of its colonial rulers. The intertwining of traditional culture with contemporary culture from the period of colonial rule contributes to the special landmark of the Marshall Islands.

The Marshall Islands have many places that attract tourists from all over the world. Drive to Laura, which is located at the western end of the island, visit the small islands around the lagoon or go diving and get to know the rich underwater world of the Marshall Islands. About 1,000 species of fish, various remnants of World War II and at least 160 different species of coral, which surround the islands, are the main attractions for tourists. Uninhabited atolls are known for their coconut and papaya plantations, as well as the breadfruit tree and its unusual fruits.

For snorkeling or diving to the wreckage of World War II ships, sail to Maloelapa or Mili Atoll. Be sure to try the food there and enjoy the dance of local performers. Also, treat yourself to a tour of historical scenes and buildings, which these atolls abound in.

The American way of life is dominating in the culture of the Marshall Islands. The cuisine of the island is delicious and rich. Food is prepared in a delicate way, under the influence of colonial countries such as Japan, Britain and America. The traditional cuisine of the Marshall Islands includes pumpkin with coconut milk sauce, cooked breadfruit with coconut milk sauce and crushed banana.

Informal wardrobe is common for all business and social events. However, nudity, including topless swimming, is considered offensive, which is a paradox if you know that one of the most famous Marshall atolls is Bikini, after which the famous swimsuit model was named. If you want to walk the islands, either on walking paths or on the beach, be careful - many areas require a special permit, and it is best to check on the spot.

On Majuro Atoll, the daily temperature is around 27 ° C, with relatively high humidity. The rainy season of Majura is from September to November. Fortunately, strong tropical storms and cyclones are very rare.

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