Flag of Botswana
Capital: Gaborone
Population: 2,303,697
Area: 582,000 km2

The land of diamonds, which provides an opportunity to experience nature like an ancient explorer. A wonderful country with quality bungalows, baobab trees and Chobe National Park, which is the largest elephant settlement in the world.

The natural beauty of Botswana lies in its wilderness, wildlife and cultural diversity. Hunting and gathering are practiced by all tribes, but are guided by very strict traditional strategies. This cultural heritage has enabled Botswana to preserve numerous and diverse species of wildlife and natural resources.

At least 17% of Botswana consists of parks, which enable the protection of fragile nature. Among the main tourist attractions are the Okavango River Delta, which is considered the largest inland delta, the Chobe National Park home to the world's largest elephant population, the golden sands of the vast Kalahari Desert, the Tuli Block with its rugged terrain and the Moremi Reserve.

What will raise your adrenaline is a flight over the Okavango Delta. You can't visit Africa without tasting the sweetness of wildlife. Also, in addition to flying by helicopter, you can also go deep into a mighty delta by boat. You must also visit the heart of the delta, the so-called Hahaba Island and Eagle Island, where you will find refuge in luxury camps. Here you can afford a couple of days of rest and daily safari, where you will easily come across elephants, hippos...

Visit the Kalahari Desert, which covers about three quarters of the western part of the country. The desert is characterized by golden sand dunes, with shrubs, acacias, vast pastures and endless landscapes. This is the home of the Bushmen, great hunters and gatherers.

Gaborone is the capital and largest city of the African state of Botswana. It lies in the southeastern outskirts of the country. It houses a museum with a natural history and archeological collection, and an art gallery founded in 1968. Gaborone is primarily a city of state administration, but also an important financial center of this ore-rich country.

The seasons in Botswana are quite irregular. The rainy season usually begins in October or November and can last until March or April. Rain mainly falls in the form of showers, and generally the largest amounts of precipitation fall in December, January and February. The best time to visit Botswana is from April to October, when the days are sunny and not too warm.

Safaris, canoeing, cruises, hunting and fishing, make Botswana an ideal destination for adventurers.

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