Flag of Mauritius
Capital: Port Louis
Population: 1,198,575
Area: 2,040 km2

A small island in the middle of the Indian Ocean, east of Madagascar, Mauritius is one of those places that looks like a perfect little piece of a dream island. From the turquoise sea and pure white beaches, which stretch for miles, to luxury accommodations, Mauritius is an absolute favorite for all beach lovers.

The island also has a unique history dating back several hundred years. There are a lot of historical monuments and locations, cultural diversity, geographical variations and almost unlimited activities that will divert your thoughts from the daily routine of every summer vacation - beaches and swimming pools. But perhaps its best trait is its relaxed charm and good people.

The smells, noise and crowds of Port Luis, Africa’s richest city, are never far away. And what kinds of beaches await you here; from those beautiful sandy lagoons and popular public beaches, to picturesque islands and isolated places, here really everyone can find something that suits them. 

A world separated from the north coast, the western wonderland of Mauritius is the most diversified coast. Tourist centers Flic en Flac may not be the best welcome, but the treasures of this paradise are hidden very close, and will satisfy even the most demanding tourists. The Black River area, with its lush greenery, lies on a beautiful sandy bay. The development is quite expanded here, as rich people come to this part and build their dream villas among the dormant fishing villages.

With beautiful accents of India, Ireland and the Caribbean, the wild undiscovered south is the undisputed favorite of many. It has long been considered a difficult location for development due to its rocky appearance; they have only just begun to develop this part of Mauritius. Several luxury resorts have appeared in the past couple of years, but the place is still quite rough, with plantations and villas hidden from everyday life.

Some of the most beautiful animal species are located in Mauritius; in the south of the island you can see unique giant turtles. Visit the nature reserve located in the middle of the forest and enjoy the natural beauties of this island.

The island has a tropical climate with pleasant with warm temperatures all year round. Still, the best summer season starts in October when it’s most comfortable. The warmest months are January and February with an average daily temperature of 29°.

Take a deep breath and prepare for an experience that you will remember for a lifetime.