Flag of Madagascar
Capital: Antananarivo
Population: 26,969,307
Area: 587,041 km2

Madagascar, the fourth largest island in the world, lies in the Indian Ocean 500km off the coast of Mozambique. The central chain of high mountains, the Hauts Plateaux, occupies more than half of the main island and is responsible for the differences between the east and west coasts. These differences are ethnic, climatic and scenic.

Madagascar is surrounded by golden beaches and palm trees, and the interior of the island is beautiful and very diverse, from grassy plateaus to volcanoes, endless forests and nature reserves.
On the coast, the edges of tropical rainforests meet warm golden sand and turquoise waters, palm trees, and in some areas like Ifaty beach, you can combine the beach with wilderness without a long journey.

The idyllic island of Nosy Be is located northwest of the mainland of Madagascar, surrounded by coral reefs and clean sandy beaches. The warm turquoise sea is shallow and calm miles ahead, making it ideal for swimming and relaxing in the water. After swimming, you can sunbathe and get a beautiful bronze tan in the shade of palm trees.

The capital of the island, Hellville is a very fast and busy place, full of life with streets full of shops selling local products, which are very interesting if you are looking for something different, such as a special souvenir for someone you like. Other small places are scattered around the island and are worth a visit during the warm afternoons. The island is home to some of the most popular water sports.

The sleepy Paradise Islands, with its scattered small rustic villages, are surrounded by coral reefs and crystal clear blue sea. Enjoy the pure white sand of deserted beaches in the shade of palm trees. Like the mainland, the islands also offer a wide range of activities, from cycling to whale watching.

In Ranomafana National Park, you will find countless valleys of lush tropical forests, orchids, carnivorous plants and lively lemurs. Parrots, countless reptiles and whales of the Masoala Peninsula, make an unforgettable experience, and Morondava is home to "Baobab Avenue", where you can rent a bike and enjoy the ride, a path bordered by these beautiful trees.

It is nice to visit Madagascar at any time of the year, just keep in mind that from January till March is the rainy season and that is the period that should be avoided.

Madagascar is a fascinating country and a spectacular treasure trove of natural beauty, intriguing culture and amazing wildlife, which makes it one of the most memorable destinations to spend a vacation.