Flag of Belgium
Capital: Brussels
Population: 11,539,328
Area: 30,528 km2

The Kingdom of Belgium is an interesting location for tourists at any time of the year, since it offers beautiful natural resources and cultural attractions, which were created as a result of different cultures meeting in this area. The population of Belgium consists of Flemings, Walloons and immigrants from Italy, France, Germany and North Africa.

The Belgian climate is temperate and humid and, due to the proximity of the sea, it is very often windy. To avoid high humidity along with strong cold, plan a visit from May to September.

In the summer, tourists will find long beaches and picturesque dunes in resorts along Belgium's North Sea coast. Those interested in art will be delighted by the extraordinary museums and their collections, as well as the historic city centers and impressive religious buildings, such as those in Ghent and Bruges. Tourists who are fans of technical achievements will be fascinated by port installations in Antwerp, bridges, water gates, canals or with equipment for lifting and transporting ships. Nature lovers will be attracted by the Ardennes forest region, where they will find the largest stalactite and stalagmite cave in Europe, as well as high-quality spas.

Belgium is also known for its cuisine. It is the leading country in Europe in terms of the number of restaurants in relation to the number of inhabitants. Belgian gastronomy originated through the strong influences of the Romans, Vikings, Germans, French, Spaniards and Dutch. This astonishing country is known for the largest beer production in Europe, so it is quite common to see Belgians of all ages lightly drinking a glass of beer from early morning.

When gastronomy is mentioned, it would be a sin not to remember some of the most famous symbols of Belgium - chocolate and waffles. In Brussels, there are entire streets filled with shops and workshops that make the finest chocolate and just exude everywhere the scent of fresh waffles that you can find in every city in Belgium.

Belgium is very easy to explore, from its capital Brussels any other place in the country can be reached by car, bus or train in less than 2 and a half hours. This country is administratively divided into the regions of Wallonia, Flanders and the city of Brussels, and it also has different language communities. It is also an important European bureaucracy center and houses the leading institutions of the European Union.

From large beaches on the North Sea coast, through museums and historical centers of Belgian cities, to technical achievements, bridges and canals - in this small country, everyone will find something for themselves.

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