Flag of Serbia
Capital: Belgrade
Population: 8,772,235
Area: 88,361 km2

Welcome to the land of great cultural wealth, wild and tame nature and beautiful cities where East and West intertwine, which have merged here for centuries.

Serbia is located in southeastern Europe and occupies the central part of the Balkan Peninsula. Its northern part is a vast plain, and the southern parts are characterized by hills and mountains. There are over 15 mountain peaks above 2,000 meters above sea level. There are five national parks on the territory of Serbia: Djerdap, Tara, Kopaonik, Shar Mountain and Frushka Gora, with preserved, untouched natural vegetation.

Serbia, the country where 17 Roman emperors were born, is an area of โ€‹โ€‹impressive visible traces of the glorious Roman Empire, as evidenced by historical sources and archaeological research. Serbia owns Sirmium and Felix Romuliana, an ancient Roman imperial palace, which entered the UNESCO list of cultural heritage in 2007.

One of the most beautiful and most famous mountains in Serbia, Zlatibor offers many things to its visitors - from classic activities in nature such as horseback riding and walking, to adrenaline-fueled four-wheeler rides and exploring undiscovered landscapes. Nearby is also Tara, Serbia's most forested mountain with more than a thousand different plant species. All mountain sports are in offer, and for photography lovers, there are magical lookouts.

Devil's Town is an opportunity to literally see a wonder of the world. There are two natural phenomena in this place, and it is really a pity to miss them, and those are the famous earth figures and sources of extremely acidic water with a high content of minerals.

In addition to water-related activities, this is an opportunity to visit the famous Ram Fortress, cruise the beautiful waters of the Danube, but also to visit the nearby Lepenski Vir and Viminacium, our famous archaeological sites.

Don't miss the capital of Serbia, Belgrade, a cosmopolitan city that provides an enviable number of tourist attractions during the day, and when the sun goes down it becomes the capital of great night life. Besides Belgrade, there are cities like Novi Sad, Subotica, Nis, Zrenjanin and many others, each unique and interesting in its own way.

Serbia is a good destination all year round. Mountainous regions have hot, dry summers and cold winters, while mountainous areas have a lot of snowfall. The ski season is mostly from December to March. The coldest month is January, and the warmest is July, while the rainiest are May and June.

The geographical definition of Serbia's regions enables getting to know its specifics, customs and culture, exceptional tourist destinations, healing spas, culinary and gastronomic specialties, with the recognizable hospitality of the Serbian people.

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