Flag of Czech Republic

Czech Republic

🏰 Enchanting castles 🌲 Breathtaking landscapes 🎻 Rich cultural heritage 🍻 Delicious beer 🇨🇿 Vibrant art scene

🏙️ Capital city: Prague
📈 Country population: 10,689,209
🗺️ Country area: 78,865 km2

It is a small continental country in the central part of Europe, hidinhg an abundance of magic and mysticism, which attracts many tourists from all over the world. It houses over 2,000 castles, fortresses and ruins, and it has the highest density in the architectural history of the world.

When people think of the Czech Republic, the first thing that comes to mind is the city of Prague, which is like a lure for all those bohemians who want to enjoy at least once everything it has to offer - from delicious cakes, countless types of delicious beer, through art and culture, all the way to history that permeates every corner of the world.

Although Prague is rich in cultural, architectural and historical attractions, what awaits you with the walls of this city is truly magical. Castles, monuments, medieval towns, idyllic villages and nature that looks like it came from a fairy tale are just some of the things you can explore in the Czech Republic.

The city of Brno could be described as an as yet undiscovered pearl of Central Europe’s nightlife where beer is still cheap. It is a city known for its old pubs, great restaurants, interesting nightlife and beautiful women.

This amazing country really has a lot to offer; from the lively capital of Prague to the Moravian villages, from Dvorak and Smetana to the popular Pilsner, from relaxing in one of the spas to strenuous climbing in the mountains. The mountains and hills in the Czech Republic cover as much as 95%, making the country ideal for mountain biking, skiing and hiking. There are many national parks, which speaks of the Czech Republic's commitment to preserving its nature.

For most Czech places, the best time to visit is May or September, when the weather is pleasant and less crowded. A large number of museums, galleries and castles are open only during the season, which lasts from May to September. Most Czechs, as well as residents of the rest of Europe, plan their holidays in July and August, and then again for Easter, Christmas and New Year. Then there are big crowds, especially in Prague and mountain ski resorts, and the prices are the highest. Most festivals are held during the summer months.

Wherever you go and whatever you do, you will meet honest people, proud of their roots, who confidently take their place in modern Europe.