Flag of Switzerland
Capital: Berne
Population: 8,591,365
Area: 41,284 km2

Pictures of Switzerland

Photo by Yura Lytkin on Unsplash
Lotschental, Blatten
Photo by Joao Branco on Unsplash
Photo by Marco Meyer on Unsplash

Switzerland is a relatively small country located in the center of the Alps, but it offers so much to see, so wherever you go, it will be an unforgettable experience.

What makes this European country so fascinating are certainly the numerous lakes as well as the impressive mountain landscapes. Hiking and skiing in some of the most famous European ski centers you can find here are experiences you will probably never forget. In its small space, Switzerland has so many fairytale trails, dramatic mountain peaks and quiet, extraordinary valleys to explore.

Switzerland consists of 26 cantons, the equal languages โ€‹โ€‹spoken by about seven and a half million inhabitants are French, German, Italian and Romansh language, spoken by about 35,000 people in the canton of Graubรผnden.

Bern is the capital of Switzerland, located in the central part of this mountainous country, and covers an area of โ€‹โ€‹51.6 square kilometers. About 130,000 people live in Bern, which makes it only the fourth largest city in Switzerland, while Zurich is the largest city in this country with about 400,000 inhabitants.

The Swiss cantons are home to such a wide variety of traditions and festivals where you will often feel as if you have gone to a different country every time. Throughout the year, various festivals take place, each in its own way contributing to the unusualness and eccentricity of Swiss culture. Places such as Zurich, Geneva, Basel and Lucerne offer visitors top museums, a developed art scene, well-preserved old buildings, delicious food, and all the other beauties that historic cities have to offer.

When it comes to food, everyone knows well that in Switzerland you can try some of the most delicious chocolates, cheeses and wines, so it should definitely not be missed. Like the whole country, so is public transport very well arranged and there are almost no places you cannot reach by train.

The best time of the year to visit Switzerland, especially if you want to avoid crowds and experience mild climate, would be from April to June and from September to October. However, the summer is also great time for visiting, but it is one of the two peak seasons. For those who are visiting for winter sports, winter is the best time of the year, of course, but in Zermatt you can ski 365 days a year.

From lakes, across alpine meadows, to beautiful cities - Switzerland will enchant you with its beauty.

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