Flag of Portugal
Capital: Lisbon
Population: 10,226,187
Area: 92,090 km2

This country of traditional villages and towns has a landscape covered with various historical treasures and a large selection of world heritage - natural and cultural beauties, which offer a view of the history of the once great maritime country. Lively streets filled with friendly people, lots of festivals and great food. Put Portugal on your list and you wonโ€™t regret it.

Portugalโ€™s vibrant cities, Lisbon and its northern brother Porto, are magical places for those who love to explore, with picturesque neighborhoods, wide squares and antique trams still moving through the streets. Both cities have their share of tempting urban life, with a variety of restaurants, boutiques, bohemian colorful cafes and nightclubs, which have made good use of being by the water.

Smaller towns offer their magic, with well-preserved medieval quarters inviting you to explore them. Such are the cities of Evora, Coimbra, Guimaraes and Braga. Outside the cities, travelers can enjoy Portugalโ€™s warm sunny weather exploring old vineyards, touring villages in the mountains or soaking up the sunโ€™s rays on the magnificent south coast.

More than just a static background, the landscape here sets the stage for an adventure in nature. Hiking, surfing, windsurfing, horseback riding, fishing, kayaking, diving, golf and mountain biking are several ways to spend a sunny afternoon.

The Azores are a volcanic archipelago of islands in the Atlantic Ocean particularly known for the beauty of its pristine landscape, volcanic mountains and rugged river valleys. Special attractions of this Portuguese archipelago are the huge waterfalls in the municipality of Nordeste that flow down a green volcanic rock.

At the mouth of the Bensafrim River and along the Atlantic coast is located Lagos, a desirable summer tourist destination. Turquoise blue sea and white sandy beaches are just part of the charm of this beautiful place. Already from the beach there is a view of the unusual rock formations and truly fascinating sandstone cliffs, and for the more daring there are a number of sea caves of strange shapes. And if you don't feel like exploring, just stay on one of the most beautiful beaches in the world.

In Portugal, the high season lasts from mid-June to mid-September, when temperatures across the country average around 27 ยฐ C. If you would rather skip the crowds and heat, consider traveling in the spring, when nature is greenest, or in the fall when it is still warm but the summer crowds are reduced.

Although often staying in the shadow of its popular neighbor from the east, Portugal remains one of Europe's untouched gems.

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