Flag of Malta
Capital: Valletta
Population: 440,372
Area: 316 km2

Pictures of Malta

There are places that don’t come to mind first when you think of ideal travel destinations, but they are completely magical. One of those places is Malta. Almost every corner of this island nation is a story that leaves a deep impression on the traveler.

Deeply rooted in history, as old as 7,000 years, Malta has an abundance of temples, attractive caves, catacombs, medieval settlements and Renaissance buildings, which visitors can enjoy. Malta's history is bigger than you can expect for such a small island. The island has many festivals held in honor of the saints, in villages around the island.

Resorts such as the bustling St. Julian's and the much quieter Sliema, boast everything you want from a destination for your summer vacation, with a good nightlife, choice of accommodation and more than enough restaurants for everyone's taste. You will also find a large selection of beaches along with crystal clear water, and for depth lovers some of the best diving sites in the Mediterranean.

Special Maltese gems are Gozo and Komino, islands that are characterized by a beautiful ambience and a soothing natural environment. While Gozo is considered the best diving location in the Mediterranean, Komino is known worldwide for the Blue Lagoon, a bay that is often called a piece of paradise because of its white sand and crystal clear water. Additional charm to the island of Komino is given by baroque churches and fortresses that testify to past times. Ideal for adventurers, this island will especially inspire photography lovers.

This island is home to a mixture of cultures, which is why it is not surprising that traditional Maltese food is mostly based on a combination of Sicilian and Middle Eastern aromas, which is supplemented with local ingredients. Friendly locals will always meet you and what is characteristic of them - if you ask for directions, they will be very happy to offer to take you personally to the desired place.

Since the weather in Malta is fantastic all year round, there is no best time to visit the island. Summers are long and warm with almost no rain. If you prefer a bit lower temperatures, then autumn and spring are good times to visit.

To sum it all up in words is almost impossible, because Malta is a phenomenon that must be experienced.