Flag of Sweden
Capital: Stockholm
Population: 10,036,379
Area: 450,295 km2

Pictures of Sweden

Sweden is a diverse country full of beautiful people, landscapes and untouched nature. From wooded areas to very modern cities, Sweden offers something for everyone in its abundance of Old World culture.

This country is a great place to enjoy outdoor sports such as hiking, skiing and sailing. Large parts of Sweden are uninhabited making it ideal for exploring off the beaten path.

If you are not for outdoor activities, then you can visit palaces and museums, restaurants and shops and countless sights that will take your breath away. Swedish history spans the era of the Vikings, brave explorers who sailed for trade in unexplored waters, all the way to Byzantium.

Its capital, Stockholm, is located in the eastern part of the country, near the mystical Baltic Sea. This city has become a very popular tourist destination, and it contains enough sights and a real dose of mystique that attracts more and more people from year to year. Stockholm is a city of very rich culture and tradition. But this is also a city of great fun. Numerous restaurants, cafes, bars, and shopping malls will make a visit to Stockholm complete.

Visby is a town located in the extreme southeast of Sweden, on the island of Gotland. This is the city with the best preserved old town in Scandinavia, which is on the UNESCO World Heritage List.

The imposing landscape of the Sarek National Park contains over 100 glaciers, as well as mountains that reach over 2,000 m. It should be experienced with the help of a guide, unless you are an expert in surviving in nature. The best view is across the lake and the delta of Laiture on the Rapa รคlv, near the eastern edge of the park.

The citizens of Sweden still adhere to the tradition of their ancestors, by preserving historical churches, palaces and monuments. Sweden abounds in cultural festivities, which are held throughout the year. Almost every season has its own cultural event.

Despite its northern position in Europe, Sweden is not as cold as you would expect. The south has a temperate climate throughout the year, and in the north the summers can be quite warm. Sweden is at its best during the summer and autumn. Big cities are in full swing all year round, but smaller cities almost go into hibernation as the temperature starts to drop.

This peaceful Scandinavian country offers a range of experiences within its elegant and sophisticated cities, picturesque medieval villages, coastal islands of archipelagos, lakes and forests and the icy tundra of northern Lapland.

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