Flag of Estonia
Capital: Tallinn
Population: 1,325,648
Area: 45,227 km2

The most picturesque of the three Baltic states, Estonia is a country of extraordinary natural beauty and stunning coastal places. It is known for its vast forests, beautiful aquatic habitats and remote islands, as well as for the pleasant people who live in it.

With access to the Baltic Sea, Estonia is home to countless islands. One of the most intriguing island communities is Kihnu. Home to sailors and fishermen, Kihnu dedicates his life to the ocean, as men spend most of their time at sea.

Everyone visiting Estonia should stop in the Old Town of Tallinn, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. This well-preserved medieval city has beautiful cobbled streets and architecture almost 1000 years old. Despite a climate that is colder than that of most European summer destinations, Estonia has perfect sandy beaches, such as Pärnu beach.

For most of us, the thought of being somewhere near wild bears is a frightening, though quite exciting thought. For Estonia, which has the most bears in all of Europe, this animal is an integral part of all seasons, because the mothers of bears and their cubs are often seen during spring and summer.

For all passionate gourmets, there are numerous hiking tours led by experienced breeders, sharing tips on where to find the best delicacies and how to store products during the winter.

Much like the Leaning Tower of Pisa, the Tartu Museum of Art, housed in the aptly named Leaning House, has suffered because of its poor foundations. Built in 1793 for a noble family, the building slowly began to sink over time. Fortunately, after a major restoration project, the building stopped sinking and became home to Tartu’s impressive art collection.

Between winter and spring, Estonia experiences a wet season like no other European country. With a significant increase in water levels as the snow melts in winter, the season is characterized by massive floods, and residents use boats and canoes as a means of transportation.

The most popular time to visit Estonia is during the summer, from June to August. Then you can expect temperatures around 21 ° C and extremely long days. Winters are also a popular time to visit, especially if you like winter sports.

Estonia is at the same time a modern and old country with many historical sights and interesting stories. Whether you are visiting Estonia because of nature, culture or history, she is waiting to be explored.