Flag of Denmark
Capital: Copenhagen
Population: 5,771,876
Area: 43,094 km2

The homeland of the Vikings, powerful conquerors from the North, is today one of the most modern, most stable and richest countries in the world, which is why, numerous studies show, its inhabitants are among the happiest people in the world.

This is a beautiful country, with a very friendly population. It is very modern, with numerous museums and excellent infrastructure. Nevertheless, one can feel the characteristic medieval spirit in the country, thanks to the preservation of exceptional churches and other historical buildings. Denmark is a very lively destination and well known for its festivals; from jazz, rock, classical music to folk.

If you want a relaxing holiday, choose one of the many beautiful islands, whose shores are dotted with picturesque fishing villages and small thatched cottages.

Denmark is ideal for a family trip, because here is the dream of every child, the famous Legoland, but also several other good interactive museums and active centers intended for the entertainment of children.

When you visit Copenhagen, see the statue of the Little Mermaid and "spend" Hans Christian Andersen's tour, you must know that in Denmark you can get lost in the crowd of Santa Clauses, that you can dive with sharks and descend through the highest sand dune in Europe. Copenhagen is also the capital of Denmark, and a combination of contemporary architecture and historical artifacts.

Wattenmeer is a natural whole that covers 900km2, from southern Denmark to Germany and the Netherlands, and is on the UNESCO World Heritage List. Here the water current changes spectacular landscapes every day, and due to the great diversity of flora and fauna, in 2010 the Wattenmeer National Park was opened.

Danish cuisine is extremely filling, while Danes are great gastronomes. Traditional dishes of this area are based on fish and meat which are combined with plenty of spicy vegetables - especially potatoes.

The high season is at the end of June, in July and August, when open-air concerts are held, such as the famous "Roskilde" and street activities, and you can also enjoy the beach. It can also be pleasant to visit Denmark in May and early June. The ground is green, accentuated with yellow fields of rapeseed flowers, and the weather is mostly warm and no crowds.

Denmark is not a destination for lovers of sunny beaches and high temperatures, but it offers unreal landscapes, charming towns and numerous attractions that make it one of the most desirable tourist destinations.