Flag of Azerbaijan
Capital: Baku
Population: 10,047,718
Area: 86,600 km2

Imagine a country squeezed between two continents, between the Caspian Sea and the Caucasus, full of small fishing towns, remote mountain villages, windy and dusty roads where hooves were once trampled in caravans that conquered the "Silk Road". Welcome to Azerbaijan, the place where Europe meets Asia.

The capital Baku, often called the "New Dubai", where futuristic architecture is located next to ancient mosques and remnants of Russian heritage, is also known as the "City of the Winds" and dates back to the 12th century. The hidden pearl is the old town where walking through the center it is impossible to avoid the specific and special smell of spices, try traditional tea and sweets, feel the Azeri melody and experience the energy of movement radiated by the capital's dance groups and have a taste of famous Azerbaijani dishes. The grand gates and ancient walls of the historic center survived until today and preserved the tradition of life of the Azeri people.

Climb the "mountain of fire" from which you can constantly see the flames, due to the large reserves of natural gas, and don't miss the Azoki Cave where the remains of the first man on the planet are located.

The aromas of saffron and other spices will attract you to try all possible types of bread, sour salads, lamb and vegetable dishes; it is mandatory to drink boiled lamb stew, chickpeas, chestnuts and plums. You will enjoy a new way of drinking tea, sweetened with jam and spiced with thyme, lemon, mint or rose water.

The smile and kindness of the locals will greet you at every step. The tradition of this country has not changed for centuries, so even today, girls learn to crochet, tie and knit. The most beautiful carpets, real small works of art, come from here, and you will probably witness the creation of one of them.

With a moderate temperature throughout the year, as an intercontinental country, Azerbaijan offers a magical combination of climates and cultures of Europe and Asia, so the whole year is suitable for visiting.

So don't think twice and come with us to Azerbaijan, the land of flames, bread, natural gas, tradition and history.