Flag of Turkey
Capital: Ankara
Population: 83,429,615
Area: 783,562 km2

Pictures of Turkey

The natural beauties of Turkey combined with historical monuments, the hospitality of the Turkish people and beautiful luxury resorts attract millions of people every year, and make everyone who visits Turkey fall in love with it and remain forever intoxicated by its beauty.

Turkey is a huge country, and it is no wonder that it provides many opportunities for an unforgettable vacation. The vast expanse that makes up the Republic of Turkey stretches from west to east, from Thrace in southeastern Europe, across the Sea of โ€‹โ€‹Marmara and the peninsula of Asia Minor, to Anatolia in the Middle East.

Although most of its geographical terrain places Turkey among the mountainous countries of the Middle East, its position has long brought it into close contact with the West, so that the culture of today's Turkey relies heavily on Europe.

Istanbul is, with the exception of summer resorts, the main tourist destination in Turkey. It is a city located in the Bosphorus and is the largest city in Turkey, and at the same time the only city in the world that stretches over two continents. Most tourist attractions are located in the center, such as the Hagia Sophia, the Blue Mosque, Topkapi Palace and the Grand Bazaar of Istanbul. At every turn you will find the remains of different cultures, delicious food, a breathtaking view, colorful bazaars, shopping opportunities and a vibrant nightlife.

If your idea of โ€‹โ€‹a dream vacation is a vacation on the paradise Turkish beaches overlooking the crystal blue sea, in that case, head to the capital of the Turkish Riviera, Antalya. It boasts a bunch of beautiful beaches so you can go to another one every day. If, in addition to the desire to lie carefree, you have a bit of an exploratory spirit, the city will delight you with stunning historical sights from ancient Roman times and beautiful nature.

You should not miss Cappadocia, a destination that boasts unusual attractions - it hides underground cities, a religious village, where you can find sculptures resembling chimneys, and Goreme National Park, which combines a collection of ancient churches, caves and other monuments. For a truly special experience, board one of the many hot air balloons at sunset or sunrise - the amazing views will amaze you.

Spring and autumn, with temperatures between 16 ยฐ C and 25 ยฐ C, are the best periods to visit Istanbul, the Aegean and the Mediterranean coast. In case you like warm weather, then summer is the best choice. The peak of the tourist season is in the summer period from July to mid-September, when most locals enjoy their vacation.

Turkey is a country where you will always find kind, hospitable and smiling people. This is a land of contrast and sumptuous beauty, in whose spaces old and new, traditional and modern intertwine. A land of rich tradition and history, ideal for vacation, shopping and entertainment for all generations.

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