Flag of Indonesia
Capital: Jakarta
Population: 270,625,568
Area: 1,904,569 km2

Pictures of Indonesia

Welcome to the largest archipelago in the world – Indonesia. It consists of about 13,000 smaller and larger islands, the largest being Java, Sumatra, Celebes, Borneo and New Guinea. Much of the archipelago is still unexplored, so Indonesia continues to give visitors the opportunity to explore untouched lands and discover natural secrets, hidden on the islands.

The archipelago is so large and has so many islands, that out of 13,000 islands, only 1,500 have been named. Make sure you enjoy these fantastic islands, where adventure is an integral part of everyday life.

This eternally intriguing country provides a real adventurous experience and offers unsurpassed and rare natural beauty with intense colors. Indonesia is clearly divided into rural and urban parts, with cities in a state of constant change and development. Cities are a fine mix of dense population, modern construction and development technology, with a traditional way of life.

The capital of Jakarta is a very dynamic metropolis that hides the opposites of extreme proportions: from Chinatown full of intoxicating scents, to the decadent nightlife that takes place in the part of Northern Jakarta, in this city you will encounter many exciting experiences. On the other hand, the old town of Kota will give you an insight into the long history of the capital, and you will also be able to visit the numerous museums located here.

Half of the Indonesian population lives on the large island of Java. The rich and fertile volcanic island is the center of the modern country, but also of history and magnificent remnants of the past.

The magnet of Indonesian tourism is certainly the paradise island of the gods, thousands of temples and ceremonies - Bali. The island is proud of its special culture, art, beliefs and traditions. The island is known as a tourist center because in the south it has developed an excellent tourist infrastructure - in addition to good hotels and beautiful beaches, you will find an infinite amount of fun and shopping opportunities.

It is never hot in Indonesia. Namely, Indonesia's climate is reminiscent of its population, which is peaceful and predictable. The climate changes very little and these variations in the Indonesian climate are not in air temperature or pressure, but in precipitation. Most tourists come around New Year and Christmas, during the festival, as well as during school holidays, from mid-June to mid-July. The prices of accommodation are the highest at the time.

The seductive taste of exotic spices, wild atmosphere, colorful colors and beautiful landscapes, make Indonesia an ideal destination for a perfect vacation.