Flag of Vietnam
Capital: Hanoi
Population: 96,462,106
Area: 331,212 km2

From the breath-taking rice valleys in the far north of the country to the fascinating Mekong delta in the south, Vietnam is home to a wealth of attractions.

Located in Southeast Asia, it stretches from China in the north to Thailand in the south. Beautiful landscapes include stunning mountains, bright green rice fields and sandy beaches. Despite the rapid modernization of urban centers such as Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh, the tradition is still nurtured among locals. There are numerous buildings and landmarks that have survived through history. You can, for example, come across Buddhist shrines next to high-rise skyscrapers, and attend ceremonies that have been held for hundreds of years.

Many travelers start their holiday in Hanoi, the former French capital of Indochina, where French-style cafes are located side by side with traditional shops. As Hanoi is over 1000 years old, you will be delighted by the carefully preserved Vietnamese culture and history. Visit the temples, the national theater and enjoy all the beauties and entertainment that the city offers.

From here, popular destinations for travelers include Halong Bay, where the limestone cliffs will blow your mind, and the city of Sapa, where you will enjoy the colors of the costumes, the people working on the rice terraces. The imperial capital of Hue offers an insight into the past, and the incredibly popular city of Hoi An offers a great shopping opportunity. Adventurers will want to move further south and inland, to explore the less visited region of Vietnam, the central plateau of the country.

A trip to Vietnam would not be complete without a stop at one of the beaches; surfing, sun and sand, and maybe a cocktail or two. Nha Trang and Mui Ne are popular holiday destinations and offer a wide variety of accommodation, from backpackers to incredibly luxurious hotels. In the south of the country, the city of Ho Chi Minh, formerly Saigon, was the capital of South Vietnam. This metropolis will overshadow you with its attractions and sights. The Mekong Delta offers special charms for those independent and fearless travelers. Vietnam's largest island Phu Quoc is another great destination, with turquoise water and rich sea world.

The best time to visit is from October to April. Temperatures are still pleasant and dry weather means more time to enjoy the beautiful landscape. Summers in Vietnam that last mainly from May to September are hot, humid and bring a lot of precipitation.

Vietnam is known as a country of unique and rich culture, spectacular landscapes, emerald mountains, enchanting coastline, dynamic cities, one of the world's best cuisines and friendly people, so you won't go wrong if you put it on the โ€œmust visitโ€ list.

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