Flag of Qatar
Capital: Doha
Population: 2,832,067
Area: 11,586 km2

This small country does not differ much from the surrounding countries on the Arabian Peninsula, it is just so rich that absolutely everything in it is luxurious and extravagant. It enchants and leaves its visitors breathless, because it does not go towards the future, but bravely rushes into a new and better world.

Although it does not have a rich and glorious history and tradition, in Doha, the capital of this emirate, you can see the most valuable objects of Islamic art, one of the richest collections of books from around the world, as well as precious paintings by famous artists. The inhabitants of this small country of enormous wealth, once lived from fishing and exploitation of pearls. Today, they live where they want and how they want, because Qatar has enough gas to heat the whole of Antarctica.

The government of this country is building artificial islands, where foreigners are buying apartments at lightning speed. One of these settlements is Pearl, a shell-shaped settlement with a pearl in the middle, filled with luxurious shopping malls, modern skyscrapers and fabulous yachts. The most beautiful view of the Pearl is provided from the hotel Hyatt in which Qataris like to spend their weekends.

In addition to this hotel there is another large and popular tourist attraction - the shopping center Velagio, which is a perfect replica of Venice. Next to the Grand Canal, there are shops of the most famous and luxurious world brands, as well as pastry shops that serve exclusive sweets, and at the very end of the promenade there is a skating rink.

When we talk about gastronomy, the food in Qatar is great because only in Doha do the best chefs in the world work. Olives from Tunisia, feta from Greece, salmon from Scotland and dates from Babylon are just some of the delicious things you can buy here at any time. Every meal in Qatar is like a small celebration, because during it you enjoy all the benefits of their cuisine, accompanied by quality and luxurious wines.

With a warm and dry climate, in order to avoid extreme climatic conditions, Qatar is best visited between November and the beginning of April. In that period are winter and early spring. From an average maximum temperature of around 29ยบC in November, the temperature starts to drop and ranges between 21ยบC and 24ยบC in the period from December to February. During March and April, temperatures begin to rise and range from 26ยบC to 31ยบC.

With strong efforts to promote tourism, Qatar has quickly gained a reputation as a safe, sunny and warm country, with a tendency to become one of the best tourist destinations in the region.

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