Flag of Mongolia
Capital: Ulan Bator
Population: 3,225,167
Area: 1,564,110 km2

The Mongolian plains, wild and empty, with occasional yurts, mystical temples and galloping horses, form the image of this country, which is rapidly modernizing. Take the time to explore and you will realize that spirituality is the foundation, dominant among mountains and deserts, reindeer and icy canyons.

An unusual adventure takes you through unexplored and special Mongolia - the land of wonderful people, the land of Genghis Khan, a country that stretches through the endless steppe and the Gobi Desert whose inhabitants have a nomadic life in their blood.

A large number of Mongolians live in traditional tents, so-called yurts. Visitors usually start their adventure in Mongolia in the capital of this country - Ulan Bator, which means Red Hero. The nomadic life of this people is described by the history of the capital itself, which previously moved, moved and changed its name three times.

In the old capital of the former Great Mongol Empire, Genghis Khan - Karakorum, you can learn from excellent riders to tame horses and meet the locals, visit the Old Town Museum and the complex of temples and pillars, all under UNESCO protection.

Mongolia and its nature are a paradise for adventure lovers. Destinations like Dundgov offer climbing on natural rocks and camel riding, and the Arkhanghai region is a place for camping, hiking and fishing. Of course, there is also horseback riding along the steppe, perhaps the most beautiful Mongol experience. You can visit Gurvan Saihan National Park, where a desert full of fossils meets icy canyons. If you prefer to observe the wilderness than to stay in the heart of it, you can stay in a tent, eat lamb and sip mare's milk or salty tea.

Mongolia has a distinctly continental climate. Winters are cold and long, and summers are warm and short. Winter lasts from November to the end of April, spring is from May to June, and summer is from July to September. The tourist season in Mongolia lasts from May to October. You can travel around the country outside of that season, but you have to be prepared for very cold weather, sandstorms and difficulties in traveling.

Mongolia is one of the last undiscovered world tourist destinations, a country where you can experience vast expanses, forests, deserts, crystal rivers and lakes, as well as the traditional hospitality of nomads. Simply put, this is a land of adventure, horses, nomads and a beautiful blue sky.