Flag of Japan
Capital: Tokyo
Population: 126,860,301
Area: 377,930 km2

Pictures of Japan

Shibuya Crossing, Tokyo
Photo by Timo Volz on Unsplash
Photo by Richard Tao on Unsplash
Photo by Yu Kato on Unsplash
Photo by Yu Kato on Unsplash
Ramen soup
Photo by 8-Low Ural on Unsplash

Beautiful, faraway Japan - an island country of East Asia that represents an isolated world of unique culture and landscape. Rarely anywhere on the planet, like in Japan, the contrast of modern and traditional has created an irresistible complex that reflected not only on architecture and art, but also on people and their spirit.

Most of the surface of Japan is occupied by mountains, and this country is also known for a lot of active volcanoes. The country is made up of over 6,800 islands, the largest of which are Honshu, Hokkaido and Kyushu and Shikoku. Japan is a good destination all year round. There are four different seasons, although in most parts of the country the rainy season lasts from mid-June to early July, so it should be counted as if there are five.

Japan is one of the most developed countries in the world, and according to the state system, it is a constitutional parliamentary monarchy headed by an emperor.

Tokyo is the capital of Japan, and the Tokyo Metropolis area is the largest agglomeration in the world and consists of over 26 cities and 8 villages that have grown into one city over time. Over 35 million people live in it. Numerous museums, culture and religion are one of the reasons why this city is visited by millions of foreign tourists. Geishas are also famous - women who study ancient arts, Japanese dance and music. Their name in translation means girls of art, and they should know how to sing, dance, be familiar with painting, calligraphy, tea ceremony, and they must also know how to play Shamisen, hand drum, flute and other instruments.

The whole of Japan belongs to the "Pacific Fire Belt", and the very view of Mount Fuji is something that will not be forgotten. Numerous myths and mysteries are associated with Fuji.

Nara, also known as the "dream destination", is a city in Japan dominated by deer and roe deer that still roam the streets of the city today. Another intriguing destination within Japan is certainly Hiroshima - the first city in the world on which an atomic bomb was dropped before the end of World War II, and there is also the main economic center of Japan - Osaka, where modernity prevails over traditional.

Japan is rich in cultural, spiritual, natural, historical, architectural and many other riches, and nothing in this island country will leave you unimpressed.