Flag of China
Capital: Beijing
Population: 1,433,783,686
Area: 9,572,900 km2

Pictures of China

Great Wall of China
Great Wall of China
Forbidden City, Beijing
Photo by Ling Tang on Unsplash
Photo by Li Yang on Unsplash

The third largest and most populous country in the world, China is also a country of contradictions: only a few decades open to the modern way of life and customs of the West at the same time China is still home to ancient and timeless civilization. Its cities, crowds and chaotic metropolises contrast with rural landscapes and natural beauties creating a mix that leaves every visitor breathless.

The Asian and world superpower is home to capricious emperors, rich culture, cute big pandas, strict hierarchy, kung fu martial arts and working people. Traditional rickshaw riders can take us on a journey to the Forbidden City, the most beautiful lakes and the largest square in the world.

Chinese landscapes will leave you breathless; from the sublime sapphire lakes of Tibet to the vast Mongolian desert you will encounter many luxuries. Explore the islands of Hong Kong or ride a bike among the fabulous karst rocks around Yangshuo. Admire the rice fields in the south, take pictures among the beautiful yellow Wuyuan rapeseed or hike the Great Wall of China. Get lost in the green bamboo forests or, when you run out of energy, lie down on a distant beach and listen to the sounds of waves and coconuts falling. The country is so beautiful and huge that it would take you months to visit all famous attractions.

The Great Empire of China is also home to the terracotta warrior, one of the most important and mysterious archeological sites in the world, which still attracts attention today. On the other hand, Shanghai provides us with a unique insight into China's colonial past, its influence on architecture and its modern development.

Traveling to China is possible throughout the year, as long as you are ready for what the seasons can afford. Spring and autumn can be the best time to travel, because that way you would avoid great summer heat and harsh winters.

In a country where a wooden stick has replaced a classic accessory, enjoy a long taste. Taste food on the street or visit a classic Chinese restaurant with red lanterns and soothing ambient Chinese music. Try chicken noodles in sweet and sour sauce, Peking duck, dumplings, typical of northern China, and finally breaded ice cream.

If you decide to visit China, on one trip you will get to know the abundance of its natural beauties, go through the paths of the turbulent past turned into the richness of history, but also enjoy the fascinating present.