Flag of Jordan
Capital: Amman
Population: 10,101,694
Area: 89,342 km2

The Kingdom of Jordan is one of the most interesting countries in the Middle East, ancient and rich in cultural and historical heritage. A trip to Jordan is like a search for treasure, because from the desert sand in unexpected, hidden places, millennia-old excavations of unusual beauty appear in front of the visitor.

If it were located in any other part of the world, Jordan would be flooded with tourists. The dangerous and unstable reputation of the Middle East keeps everyone away, except fearless travelers eager for adventure. But Jordan as a whole is a very safe, peaceful and pleasant country.

Don't let the "Jordanian frown" fool you. You may encounter frowning eyebrows and some faces will seem hostile. You will quickly learn that there is usually a cheerful and lively person behind a face with an angry appearance. The ingrained tradition of hospitality is part of Bedouin culture. It is not uncommon for some locals or traders to invite you for tea, even lunch, to meet you.

The ancient "city in the rock" of Petra, at least 2,500 years old, the capital of the Nabateans, the desert landscape of Wadi Rum, the inevitable hill of Heaven, the legendary site of Moses' death, archeological discoveries from the west bank of the Jordan River, are just some of the many sights of this unique country.

Amman is the capital and largest city in Jordan, it is the political and cultural center of the country. It is also called the white city. From the citadel, which is located on one of the seven hills of Amman, there is an incredible view of the city and then you can clearly see the whiteness of the building. The city has changed over time; once a small town, now a large metropolis. It is one of the most liberal cities in the Arab world. Affordable prices, delicious food, walks without big crowds - a city created for exploration.

The climate of Jordan depends on the part of the country where you are located. In essence, Jordan is a desert country and as such has a typical desert climate. That means a lot of sun, warm temperatures all year round and dust almost everywhere. The warmest region of Jordan is the Jordan River Valley, whose temperatures regularly reach 40 ° C during the summer. Spring and autumn are the most pleasant parts of the year in Jordan.

A large number of different activities and sites makes Jordan an amazing destination and all visitors will be well rewarded.

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