Flag of Thailand
Capital: Bangkok
Population: 69,037,513
Area: 513,120 km2

Picturesque Thailand is synonymous with good energy, excellent Asian cuisine and beautiful lush nature that leaves you breathless at every turn. Thailand will feed all your senses and fulfill all your desires, whether you are looking for adventurous experiences or you prefer a relaxing holiday on beautiful beaches.

It is located in central Indochina and borders Malaysia, Cambodia, Laos and Myanmar. Known as the land of orchids, mystical rivers, endless tropical forests and lavish Buddhist temples, Thailand is also a land of friendly and smiling people.

Whichever destination in Thailand you choose - pure exoticism and enjoyment are guaranteed! Great nightlife awaits you in Phuket, not far behind Koh Phangan which is famous for Full Moon parties; don't miss a tour of the imposing temples in Bangkok and explore the most beautiful beaches of Krabi. Indulge in a relaxing holiday on the island of Koh Samui and take advantage of the excellent snorkeling facilities on the island of Phi Phi.

Bangkok, the modern capital of wild energy, a city that will provide you with countless opportunities. Visit the Grand Palace - a royal palace over 200 years old with the oldest statue of Buddha sprinkled with gold. Wat Po, Wat Arun and Wat Saket are just some of the temples that make up the main feature of Thailand and its history. Jump into the tuk tuk and drive to some of the night markets where you can find everything!

Already during the first walk through the streets of Bangkok, you will be overwhelmed by the smells of the most exotic spices for which Thai cuisine is known and you will notice that you can buy a variety of dishes on the streets. Street stalls have some of the best chefs in the world. The craft is inherited from generation to generation, and a portion of food is made for you in an average of two minutes.

In the south, stunning and pristine beaches with tall palm trees and mother-of-pearl sand await you. The islands are scattered across the Andaman Sea and the Gulf of Thailand. The most curious will head north to the town of Chang Mai and go deep into the Thai soul, explore the rice fields and sneak into the local tribes.

The best time to visit most of Thailand is between November and February, because the precipitation is less and it is not too warm. This period is also the Thai main season for festivals.

Get ready for an amazing experience of nature, enjoying massages and exotic tastes, but also for a spectacular night out.