Flag of Maldives
Capital: Male
Population: 530,953
Area: 300 km2

The Maldives is an island state located in the Indian Ocean, and consists of 1,126 islands, among which there are about 200 inhabited, of which only 80 are tourism oriented. This is the smallest Asian country, both in terms of area and population. Each island represents a story for itself and everything is subordinated to the enjoyment of the senses. The capital is Male which has about 100,000 inhabitants and the total population of Maldives is about 330,000 inhabitants.

The clear sea and amazing beaches with fairytale sunsets that leave you breathless, have made the Maldives one of the most sought after holiday destinations. They are most often chosen by young married couples for honeymoons, but also by those who want to rest in the wonderful, untouched nature and beauty, away from noise and people. Most tourists travel to the Maldives because there is no noise, nightclubs and deafening music, just pure nature’s bounty.

Islands with palm trees and beautiful white beaches, turquoise lagoons and coral reefs make the Maldives one of the favorite destinations of the world's jet-set. There are also charming bungalows on the water, as well as those on the beach or in the center of the island surrounded by palm trees. In the peace of the tropical nature of the Maldives and the climate of eternal summer, the enjoyment is completely on the deserted beaches with white sand and azure sea and in extremely luxurious hotels. Some of the hotels even have their underwater restaurants, located in the middle of the coral reefs; meals are not cheap here, but absolutely worth experiencing.

Here you can see shoals of colorful fish, sea turtles, bright starfish and baby sharks, as well as an abundance of coral, sea plants and exotic fauna, so you will feel like in a giant aquarium. Because of all this, snorkeling and deep diving in the Maldives is a really special experience.

Warm and clean sea with beautiful beaches, untouched nature and favorable climate provide excellent conditions for an unforgettable vacation. The sun shines here all year round, so every time is the right time to travel to the Maldives.