Antigua and Barbuda

Flag of Antigua and Barbuda
Capital: St. John's
Population: 97,118
Area: 442 km2

Antigua and Barbuda represent one of the jewels of the Caribbean Sea, filled with white sand, turquoise sea and beautiful nature as created for relaxation and enjoyment. A beautiful independent island state also known as the "land of 365 beaches".

Tropical climate, lush rainforests and fairytale beaches are the strongest assets of these islands, which attract a huge number of tourists, but still manage to maintain the naturalness of their attractions and beauties.

Antigua is a complete blend of Caribbean beauty and modern comfort. The island is encompassed by sandy beaches, and also offers historically interesting areas, a unique Creole culture and a tropical interior. You can visit the botanical garden, a reserve for the protection of huge turtles or climb Boggy Peak, which offers a fantastic panorama wherever you look.

Barbuda is a smaller island, where life is much slower and calmer. This holiday will be chosen by all who seek peace and beautiful tropical surroundings. The beauty of the beaches is breathtaking, and at the same time you will be able to explore the flora and fauna, colonial fortresses and fishing villages. You can reach the island of Barbuda by plane from Antigua, which is 50 km away.

When you visit Antigua and Barbuda accommodation will be the least of the problem, as the island has a large number of villas and apartment complexes where you can stay. The Caribbean islands are not known for urban hotels typical of modern summer resorts, but for villas that, in terms of decoration, completely fit into the heavenly ambience and the image of nature that is unrealistically beautiful on this island.

This, one of the most exclusive summer resorts in the Caribbean, with a large number of bays and coves, is a haven for many celebrities, so don't be surprised if you come across some of them.

Although drier than most other Caribbean islands, Antigua and Barbuda have a tropical climate with low humidity. The high season lasts from mid-December to April; after that period the prices are significantly lower, especially if you book both a plane and a hotel. From July to October, the islands can be in the way of hurricanes and tropical storms.

Fairytale beaches of white and pink sand, emerald waters of warm tropical seas and lush tropical rainforests that adorn the central part of the island will convince you to find your part of a tropical paradise.

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