Flag of Greenland
Capital: Nuuk
Population: 56,672
Area: 2,166,086 km2

Greenland is the largest island in the world, the country with the lowest population density and one of the smallest capitals in the world.

Its landscape with mountains and huge lakes in the central part has always attracted adventurers who want to learn something else about the planet they live on and see something else, in addition to beaches and other popular destinations. Greenland is not a destination for those who do not like the feeling of adrenaline, heartbeat and bursts of energy - it is a place for the bravest that are ready to go to the extreme for the sake of timeless beauty that can only be seen here.

From arctic desert landscapes in the far north, to Atlantic influences and lush farms in the south, this island is shaped in a very special way, offering you plenty of activities and unique things to enjoy - from cuisine, views, to culture and customs.

Greenland is not a cheap destination, but few places combine such magnificent scenes, like crystal light and the raw power and beauty of nature. The vast expanses of beautiful, untamed wilderness give adventurers a unique freedom to roam at will, whether on foot, skiing or sledding with dogs.

The midnight sun in Greenland creates a specific way of life, where the traditional concept of time loses all meaning. When you come to this fairytale-like place, feel free to leave your watch in your suitcase, because the day has neither started nor ended. In the middle of the night, here you will see children riding their skates down the street, while the sun hovers low above the horizon.

Greenland has its hot springs as its main feature, so they are a natural phenomenon here. However, Uunatorq Island is the only place where you can swim in these springs. Surrounded by mountains and wandering ice reefs, you can lie in the warm water and enjoy your fairytale surroundings. It is a great experience for your body and soul.

Spring brings long days, tolerable temperatures and good snow cover. The best time for skiing and sledding with dogs is from the end of March to the beginning of May, and most trips to the North Pole take place in April. It is always day until June, at the end of August the nights are getting colder, and by mid-September there is new snow and very cold weather. Arctic winters, which last from mid-October to March, are long, harsh and very, very dark. With the return of the sun, festivals appear that celebrate the light and the arrival of spring, and are held in every village and town.

If you think you are brave enough, then embark on an adventure and visit this land of contrast, where the ice-bound landscape alternates with greenery, while the sun at any moment illuminates your path to a new corner waiting to be discovered.

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