United States

Flag of United States
Capital: Washington
Population: 329,064,917
Area: 9,526,468 km2

Pictures of United States

Little can be written to cover a country like the United States. The United States is a land of confluence of lands, a land of world metropolises, vast forests, lakes, vineyards, mountain ranges, deserts and beautiful coasts. Millions of tourists come to visit this diverse country, and many still stay today to try to make their dreams come true.

The United States, also commonly used by the acronym USA, consists of 50 federal states that stretch from the Atlantic in the east to the Pacific Ocean in the west. This amazing country that covers as many as 9 time zones with its territory encompasses incredible diversity, from climate, geographical features to the abundance of wildlife. The lowest point of this country is Death Valley in California, while the highest is Mount Mc. Kinley in Alaska, and the longest river is the Mississippi.

Nothing can prepare you for your first encounter with fantastic New York, the glamor of Las Vegas, the glamor of Los Angeles, Miami fun, the views of San Francisco, the beauties of Boston, or the unique atmosphere of New Orleans. These cities are true metropolises, a crossroads of many cultures and nations, offering an incredible selection of museums, shopping and entertainment.

Not all U.S. attractions lie in its cities; vast areas contain indescribable natural beauties and attractions, such as the Rocky Mountains, Lake Minnesota, Niagara Falls, national parks, the Colorado River Canyon, the Mississippi Valley, the coast and red forests of California or Hawaii.

The states in the northeast and southeast offer plenty of locations for those who want to learn more about the history of the United States. New England has a rich history and beautiful landscapes, while the Mid-Atlantic coast contains metropolises like New York, as well as mountains and traditional seaside resorts in New Jersey and Delaware. There are many national parks and natural geological formations in the western part of the United States.

However, when a traveler is looking for a relaxing holiday in the tropics, there is Hawaii, a destination that is simply a โ€œmust visitโ€œ for both foreign and domestic travelers. Florida is known for its beaches and amusement parks, such as Disney World, and Orlando is known for Universal Studios and Sea World. Another tourist favorite is California, which has a rugged north coast, snowy Sierra Nevada mountains, Napa Valley with vineyards and big cities like Los Angeles and San Diego, all spiced with a relaxed "West Coast" flair.

The greatness of America plays in favor of travelers when it comes to time: it is always perfect somewhere, and somewhere it looks like it is a minute away from Hades. In other words, your destination or travel time needs to be planned depending on the season.

The USA is a country that invites you to explore all its expanses; it's just up to you to come and enjoy!

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