The Bahamas

Flag of The Bahamas
Capital: Nassau
Population: 389,482
Area: 13,943 km2

The Bahamas or the Bahamas are one of the more attractive destinations, which attract with a rich and fun nightlife, luxury hotels, beaches like you have never seen before.

What makes the Bahamas one of the most attractive destinations, unlike other Caribbean islands, is the country's successful economy, stable political situation, attractive shopping, rich entertainment and nightlife, luxury hotels, and above all the most beautiful beaches you can imagine.

Scattered like pearls, the Bahamas stretches from its northernmost point over 800 km to the Caribbean Sea. The name of the island itself would be most closely translated as "shallow sea", which of course contributes to the popularity of their beaches. As the location of Columbus’ first port in America, the Bahamas has a long history on its beautiful beaches. With over 2,000 islands and reefs, the Bahamas is home to some of the most beautiful beaches in the world.

You can explore the historic and modern corners of Nassau, the capital of the Bahamas, much of which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, as long as you enjoy the view of the turquoise blue of the ocean in front of you. With its snow-white sand beaches, the Bahamas are the perfect destination to pamper and enjoy. If you have the desire to do a little research and study, take a boat trip to discover the stunning islands and coral reefs.

What you should not miss if you visit the Bahamas is a visit to the beautiful Arawak coral reef, enjoying the sunset over the Atlantic, a walk through the center of Nassau with a visit to the Pirate Museuma and to the reserve "Pink Sand".

You will have a special experience if you participate or at least attend as an observer in the wild parades organized by the locals on Junkana Island. At the end of the day, don't miss the opportunity to enjoy local specialties such as donuts with shellfish, burgers made from local grouper fish or crab. Dinner includes a large mug of local beer - kalik. The perfect mix of African, European and Indigenous culture and gastronomy is part of the irreplaceable charm of the Bahamas.

The Bahamas has about 320 sunny days a year and daily average temperatures during the winter (December to April) are 21 ° C and a perfect 26 ° C during the summer. The so-called rainy season lasts from the end of May to November, and the hurricane season is from June to November. The high season usually lasts from mid-December to mid-April, when hotel prices are at their highest.

Just one short stay on these islands will be enough for you to understand that protection is at the top of the wish list of most world travelers.

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