Dominican Republic

Flag of Dominican Republic
Capital: Santo Domingo
Population: 10,738,958
Area: 48,671 km2

Dominican Republic trip for dreamers - seductive rhythm of meringues, plenty of sun all year round, transparent sea with palm trees as a postcard and thoughts you are already in the Caribbean archipelago and the country that amazed and fascinated Christopher Columbus back in 1492. Exoticism, unusualness and incredible ease of living will be an explosion of pleasure in the heart of a traveler who goes on a trip to the Dominican Republic.

The Dominican Republic is one of the most desirable and picturesque destinations in the Caribbean and most travelers come here not only as a vacation to escape the winter but just for a romantic trip and honeymoon. The most popular locations for tourists are Punta Cana and Playa Bavaro, where the largest number of hotels are located, and they are characterized by excellent All Inclusive service, thanks to which you will not have additional costs at the destination.

Although a passive vacation awaits you in the Dominican Republic, there are a number of interesting activities you can fill your time with, such as swimming with dolphins, touring the island of Saona, touring Santo Domingo, Catalina, diving, jeep driving and the like. A special accent is on the magical island of Saona, which never leaves you indifferent. You will be enchanted by the untouched nature, the crystal sea and the tall winding palm trees like the ones from the postcards.

Outside of the luxury resorts, the road takes you inland, to its vast sugar plantations from the past and through small villages. Locals love to party, which is evident at the many festivals, carnivals and parties that can be found throughout the Dominican Republic.

In addition to music and dance, the main features of the people in the Dominican Republic are good food and drink. Rice, meat and beans are an integral part of everyday cuisine, as well as various types of tropical fruits and various seafood specialties.

Except in the central mountainous parts, temperatures do not differ much in the Dominican Republic. The high season is here from December to February and from July to August, so in that period you can expect higher prices and more crowds on the beaches.

If you need rest for your soul, mind and body, look no further - the Caribbean beauty of the Dominican Republic is the realization of all tropical dreams.

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