Flag of Cuba
Capital: Havana
Population: 11,333,483
Area: 109,884 km2

Cuba is one of the destinations that has all the elements that create a dream scenario: white sand, tropical sun, tall palm trees and crystal clear water…

Nature was extremely generous to this Caribbean island and that is why many say that Cuba is a true paradise on earth. Due to the political system and half a century of defiance of the nearby United States, Cuba is also called the Island of Freedom. In any case, a vacation in this country brings an experience that is difficult to compare with anything else. That is why armies of tourists from all over the world come to Cuba. They say that you should go to Cuba as soon as possible, because once a big wave of change floods the pearl of the Caribbean, it will reach the list of monotonous tourist destinations.

This island country is the most populous Caribbean country with an area of ​​about 11,000 square kilometers and 11 million inhabitants. The capital is Havana, one of the most visited destinations in Cuba, with over 2 million citizens. Biological and geological diversity is impressive; about 6,000 species of plants grow on the island, half of which are endemic. Due to the tropical climate, temperature oscillations are small, so the January average is 21 degrees Celsius, while in July it is 27 degrees. Admittedly, there is a lot of moisture in the air, but the newcomers adapt quickly.

Cuba is full of amazing destinations to visit. For example, in Cayo Largo, 26 kilometers of white sand awaits you with an unreal turquoise sea and colorful coral reefs. Playa Sirena is a paradise for diving, kayaking and sailing. Although quite sheltered from wind and waves, this beach provides all the conditions for water sports. Tourists who have visited it share the experience of the most beautiful underwater scenes, exotic fish and colorful corals right on this beach.

The first associations in Cuba, in addition to beautiful beaches, are all cigars, rum, cocktails, salsa and the legendary revolutionary Che Guevara. Cubans do not know about “consumer society“, and still drive cars more than half a century old, and luxury is even a mobile phone. But it is a country of graceful poverty; although no one has much, everyone is provided with an apartment, a job, education. Cuba has one of the highest literacy rates in the world (99.8%). It is true that there are no political freedoms, but also no social stratification and crime.