Flag of Grenada
Capital: St. George's
Population: 112,003
Area: 344 km2

Grenada is an island nation in the Caribbean Sea, which consists of the main island of the same name and six smaller islands. It got the nickname Spice Island because it is one of the world's main exporters of nutmeg, and cinnamon, ginger and cloves are also grown on the island.

Grenada is the largest of the three islands, with a width of 18km and a length of 34km and is located in the eastern Caribbean Sea. This mountain island is covered with fragrant spice trees and rare tropical flowers. Inside this volcanic island are cascading rivers and waterfalls, lush rainforests and one of the most beautiful mountain lakes imaginable.

Grenada and its beauty are complemented by a rich history and picturesque cultural heritage. Local festivals, fairs and markets are an integral part of life in Grenada. Her herb plantations and rum distilleries still use traditional methods, emphasizing quality rather than quantity.

What is very interesting for visitors is first of all the Grand Etang National Park. It is located inside the island, in a tropical forest. There are also the Anandale Falls north of the city of St. George, as well as the place where the last Caribbean Indians jumped to their deaths after the defeat against the French, so as not to surrender. The drawings on the cliff still testify to the Indian origin.

To the north are the thermal springs of the Sallรฉe River, which are also worth a visit. But what makes Grenada such a popular tourist destination are its long, sandy beaches and great opportunities for water sports. The island is bordered by beaches with both black and white sand, and Grand Anse beach is world famous.

Carriacou is a beautiful, dreamy, small island with a beautiful sea view, surrounded by top quality sand and charming villas. All that happens is the beach and lying in a deck chair during the day, and in the evening a visit to one of the bars and restaurants. Carriacou is an extremely peaceful island, but that is its charm.

Petite Martinique is even smaller and quieter than Carriacou Island. It consists of only a small peak of a volcanic cone and it can be said that it is still being created for visitors. It has about 800 inhabitants. Per capita, Petite Martinique is one of the richest islands in the Caribbean. The island is a fairly simple local community and an interesting place to visit.

The climate of Grenada is tropical. The average annual temperature is around 25 degrees C. The rainy season is long and lasts from June to November, along with the hurricane season.

This land of beautiful waterfalls, cascading rivers, mountain lakes and fragrant plantations of herbs can never leave you indifferent.

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