Flag of Aruba
Capital: Oranjestad
Population: 106,314
Area: 180 km2

Aruba is a tropical island in the southern Caribbean Sea, part of the Kingdom of the Netherlands. It is considered one of the most popular and most beautiful islands in the Caribbean with unreal sunsets, greenery and hills, clean and warm turquoise sea and soft white sand.

Aruba is an island located in the southern Caribbean Sea and together with the Netherlands, St. Martin and Curacao forms the Kingdom of the Netherlands. The city’s name Oranjestad - "Orange City", makes it clear that the capital was founded by the Dutch. Aruba has the biggest number sunny days of all the islands of this archipelago.

The island is home to very friendly, kind, cheerful and hospitable people and every local will welcome you. The inhabitants of Aruba speak the language of Papiamento, which is little known in the world, a combination of Portuguese, Spanish, Dutch, English and numerous African languages, although the official language is Dutch.

This island, known as "One Happy Island", abounds in snow-white beaches and unique flora and fauna, where you can hang out with flamingo birds and relax under the Divi Divi trees of characteristic shape. If you stop in the capital Oranjestad, a charming colonial city, where the facades of houses are reminiscent of the historical connection with the Netherlands, you will find a large selection of South American, Spanish and Dutch cuisine and various bars as well as rich and intense nightlife with lots of entertainment offered by local clubs.

If nature research suits you better, head to explore the largest protected area in the Caribbean, which occupies as much as a fifth of the island - Arikok National Park. In addition to untouched nature and the sea, Aruba is known as a Carpathian island with the best music festivals, and among them there is a soul and jazz festival. Also, Aruba is proud of its national carnival, which is accompanied by rhythmic music and a grand parade.

Due to the proximity of the equator, Aruba generally has a uniform climate throughout the year, with an average highest temperature of around 30ºC and a minimum of around 25ºC.

White sandy beaches, casinos, plenty of activities and the hospitable people of Aruba make this island a real holiday destination.