Trinidad and Tobago

Flag of Trinidad and Tobago
Capital: Port of Spain
Population: 1,394,973
Area: 5,130 km2

Trinidad and Tobago is a country in the southern part of the Caribbean Sea, which consists of two islands of the same name. These two islands form one nation with a very different atmosphere; Trinidad is more active, known for good hiking spots, nature and many sights, while Tobago on the other hand, has a focus on resorts and white sand beaches, with lots of diving opportunities. Trinidad and Tobago is a country of carnival, calypso music and limbo dance.

Trinidad is home to the Port of Spain, the bustling capital, enriched with magical art galleries and restaurants. Beautiful, sandy beaches along the north coast provide the perfect setting for peace, relaxation and recreation. The east coast is home to protected wetlands, with miles of vast beaches rich in coconut groves, known to locals as Cocal. The islands are hilly, made up of fishing villages and quiet, deserted beaches.

Here, hotels are one of the strongest assets. The islands have some of the most famous hotel brands in the world, which leaves no room for doubt in terms of comfort, luxury and hedonism that this type of accommodation provides.

Those who visit this amazing place describe the beaches as beautiful sandy expanses that are hard to see anywhere in the world. The fine, silky sand combined with the turquoise color of the sea provides a beautiful view, and if you add to that the attractive facilities on the beaches in the form of bars, restaurants and opportunities for water sports, Trinidad and Tobago is an ideal destination for complete relaxation and enjoyment.

The waters of Trinidad and Tobago combine the cold North Atlantic Current and the warm Caribbean water from the Orinoco River. The sea in the area is extraordinarily rich and lively, and nothing less lively is the land. Countless migratory birds stop on the islands, where you will find tropical forests, savannas, mangroves and swamps.

The islands are in the tropics, so the weather is warm and humid all year round. The highest tourist season lasts from January to April but you can visit the islands at any time throughout the year. Even when it rains, it only falls in short-term showers.

If you visit Trinidad and Tobago, your summer vacation will surely remain in your fondest memories, and you will recount the experiences from this beautiful place for years after the trip.

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