Flag of Barbados
Capital: Bridgetown
Population: 287,025
Area: 430 km2

Many Caribbean islands have beaches, but what sets Barbados apart is the sand and surfing. Far from the luxurious resorts on the west coast and the well-developed south coast, you will find what makes the island special.

Central Barbados has hilly landscapes and in the midst of this lush landscape, fascinating remnants of a colonial past. Huge plantation houses show the wealth of immigrants and face a brutal slave trade. It is the museums that keep this history from being forgotten.

The Wild East Coast is a legend for surfers; those looking for action will find windsurfing, diving, hiking and more. Barbados attracts half a million people a year and when you get there you won’t need much to know why; the shores are bordered by azure blue water and white sand.

Whatever your budget or style, you can find a place to stay that suits you, whether cheap, quiet or modern. Those who want complete service and complete comfort can choose a luxury resort in a sea of ​​luxurious villas that are suitable for tourists, while apartment complexes are also an option for those for whom an enchanting view of the surroundings is quite enough luxury.

Well-known world chains have not failed to open their stores in Barbados. In the shopping area of ​​the Lifestyle Center, you can find stores of the world's most famous brands such as Gucci or Louis Vuitton. Shops of world companies, small independent charming boutiques, a large selection of cafes and restaurants, a cinema, everything is available to guests within the Lifestyle Center, an ideal place for pleasant evening moments.

This fairytale island is known to the world not only as the home of the world's most beautiful beaches, but also of botanical gardens that abound in the most diverse flora. If you go to Barbados, your summer vacation will bring you phenomenal experiences, because on this island you will have the opportunity to feed friendly monkeys, swim with colorful tropical fish, turtles and seahorses.

The climate of Barbados is beautiful throughout most of the year; from February to May is the driest period, while July is the rainiest month. The tourist season lasts from mid-December to mid-April and then the prices are the highest.

Palm trees, white sand and transparent blue ocean are the seal of the whole of Barbados, and nothing more is needed for a perfect vacation and escape from everyday life.