Flag of Peru


🌄 Land of ancient ruins and vibrant culture, nestled in the Andes mountains amidst diverse landscapes. 🌿🏔️🏛️🎶🍽️

The deserts, the mountain ranges of the Andes and the lush expanses of the Amazon rainforest – all this makes up the stunning land of Peru. Here you can see everything: from neon lights and discos full of young people to ancient ruins that reveal the secrets of prehistoric times. Enjoy a museum, relax on the lake, surf or tour a city. Peru has a lot to offer.

You will feel the spirit of the past and the remnants of history every step of the way walking through Cusco, and the view of the most spectacular ancient city in the world - Machu Picchu will leave you breathless. This hidden city - fortress, is the main attraction because of which many visit Peru and which you should not miss. The fact that makes this attraction even more mysterious is that centuries later it is still unknown why this city was built or why it was abandoned.

Lima is a busy city on a dry coastal plain, where the dominant colors in the landscape are brown and gray. In addition to having the best museums in the country, restaurants and nightlife, Lima also has beautiful Spanish architecture, spacious green parks and old-fashioned coastal suburbs. Barranco is an artistic, bohemian district of Lima with streets filled with street art and picturesque houses. It has a huge charm and is the best place to go out in Lima, with old colonial castles turned into trendy bars.

Next to Lima, one of the most visited cities in Peru is Arequipa which is surrounded by three picturesque volcanoes. This city represents a mix of domestic and Spanish colonial culture, which is mostly reflected in its charm.

After historical tours, take a day off to visit the Ballestas Islands, which nature lovers and rare bird species should never miss. This island, which is home to many birds, can only be reached by boat. Untouched nature and spectacular bird species, enjoy the island where the only noise is made by the chirping of birds.

Land's climate has two main seasons: humid and dry. The temperature is mainly influenced by the height: the more you climb, the colder it gets. Peru can be distinguished in 3 completely different climatic regions: coastal, mountainous and tropical climates.

Peru is a country where tradition pulsates and the locals bring smiles to their faces, and the beautiful landscapes combined with colonial architecture leave every visitor breathless.