Flag of Venezuela
Capital: Caracas
Population: 28,515,829
Area: 916,445 km2

Venezuela is considered by many to be one of the most beautiful countries in the world, as it is a country of many contrasts, both geographical and population.

Venezuela is a country of incredible diversity; the Andes, vast areas of the Amazon rainforest, fertile plains known as llanos, miles of Caribbean coast, and even a small desert. Swamps are teeming with caimans, capybaras, piranhas and anacondas.

Venezuela has the highest waterfall in the world - Angel Falls 979m high - and the largest lake in South America - Lake Maracaibo with an area of โ€‹โ€‹13,210km2. Those looking for adventure have hiking, diving, paragliding, windsurfing and more.

The fascinating world of Canaima National Park is a perfect combination of magic and reality, shaped by grandiose mountains called Tepuys, countless rivers, lakes, waterfalls, forests and savannas that stretch like a great green sea. The national park covers 3 million hectares, and it is the second largest in Venezuela and the sixth largest in the world. There is also the highest temporary waterfall in the world, called La Catira.

The capital, Caracas, stretches along a plateau separated from the sea by high green mountains. Fast and urban, this progressive city still has more than four centuries of history buried under its concrete-glass monuments. Museums, parks, nightlife, shopping and fine hotels are just a few reasons to visit Caracas. Those who are interested in culture can enjoy the salsa clubs of the city, explore various festivals and much more.

An unavoidable tourist destination in the Andes is certainly Merida. The city is located at 1,625m above sea level. The surrounding mountains provide spectacular views and offer a variety of recreational opportunities; top area in South America for nature adventures, from hiking, mountain biking, rafting to paragliding. The largest and longest funicular in the world, "Teleferico", leads to the top of Pico Espejo at 4,765m above sea level.

Donโ€™t miss the Los Roques archipelago; a group of islands located about 160km north of the central coast of Venezuela. It is known, above all, for its white sand and breath-taking coral reefs. Another place to relax and enjoy is the island of Margarita, one of the main tourist destinations in Venezuela. They used to be two separate islands that are now connected by a sand bar.

The tourist season in Venezuela lasts throughout the year. Venezuela has two seasons: dry and rainy. The dry season is certainly more enjoyable for travel, especially for hiking or other outdoor activities, while some scenes, such as waterfalls, are actually even more impressive during the rainy season.

In its tourist offer, Venezuela combines the best of the two worlds, on the one hand beautiful sandy beaches embraced by the warm and turquoise waters of the Caribbean Sea, while on the other hand it offers all the variety and diversity of the South American continent.

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